ElaProof H Sealing package


Multipurpose ElaProof H sealing package for outdoor use

The ElaProof H sealing package is suitable for use e.g. for sealing pipe and pipe penetrations and making various connections. The package contains: ElaProof H handmass, 3 l, black • 4 m x 100 mm ElaProof Base fabric • Work instructions

5 good reasons to choose ElaProof H Sealing package!

• Economical one-component product
• Isocyanate- and solvent-free – safe for environment and people
• The best crack bridging ability on the market – over10 mm!
• Resistant to water and frost – can also be applied to wet surfaces
• CE markings: EN 1504-2 and EN 13813

ElaProof H is listed in the Nordic Ecolabelling construction product database and can be used in Swan-labeled buildings.