Warehouse floor 30 m² | Mäntsälä, Finland

The floor of the warehouse of an private house was coated with water vapor permeable and elastic ElaProof FLOOR X floor coating.


Kunde: Private
Mål: Varastotilan lattia
Adresse: Mäntsälä
Materiale: damp concrete
Entreprenør: Build Care Oy, reference
Tid og sted: 08/2023 | Mäntsälä, Finland


The floor coating of the warehouse in the new location was carried out with ElaProof products. The damp concrete floor was treated with ElaProof Primer. The treatment improves the adhesion of ElaProof to the substrate and blocks the pores of the substrate. The floor was leveled with ElaProof+SAND Floor Coating. As the last surface, the customer chose ElaProof FLOOR X, which was installed according to the work instructions. The elegant finish was made with ELACOAT TopCoat RAL 7001 topcoat.