Machine seam roof 600 m² | Sastamala

In the summer of 2020, the roof coating of Mr. Hakkarainen's house was coated by the authorized ElaProof contractor, Tämmöne Oy.


Kunde: The house of Mr. Hakkarainen - Herra Hakkarainen
Mål: Private house
Adresse: Marttilankatu 10, Sastamala, Finland
Materiale: Machine seam roof
Entreprenør: Tämmöne Oy
Tid og sted: 05/2020 | Sastamala


In Sastamala, the machine seam roof was coated with ElaProof S twice according to the work instructions. The penetrations and seams were sealed with ElaProof H and ElaProof Base fabric.

Mere information

In Pirkanmaa, less than an hour’s drive from Tampere, there is a playground based on Mauri Kunnas’s children’s books for children. Throw seriousness into the corner and throw yourself into the world of play in the house, where Mr. Hakkarainen, the characters of Dog Mountain and even Heikki Hämähäkki can be found as part of imaginative games. Herra Hakkarainen is a trademark registered by Doghill Productions Oy. All rights reserved. © Mauri Kunnas, Doghill Productions Oy.