Sawmill Drying Chamber 1750 m² | Merikarvia

ElaProof is the leading protection solution for the coating and overhaul of sawmills' timber dryers.


Kunde: Metsä Fiber Oy
Mål: Coating Sawmill Drying Chamber
Adresse: Satamatie 35, Merikarvia, Finland
Materiale: Concrete
Entreprenør: Build Care Oy
Tid og sted: 2013 | Merikarvia


During the shutdown, pressure washing and coating work of surfaces, 1750 m², was carried out at Merikarvia sawmill. At the same time, sealing of the concrete joint areas was performed.

Mer informasjon

Build Care Oy carried out coating work until 2016. The product was known as AnySeal until 2009 and ElaStop in 2010-2016. The ElaProof brand name was introduced in 2017.