Sawmill Drying Chamber 250 m² | Merikarvia

ElaProof is the leading protection solution for the coating and overhaul of sawmills' timber dryers.


Kunde: Metsä Fiber Oy
Mål: Coating Sawmill Drying Chamber
Adresse: Satamatie 35, Merikarvia, Finland
Materiale: Concrete
Entreprenør: Build Care Oy
Tid og sted: 2012 | Merikarvia


At Merikarvia sawmill in five drying chambers, leakage points were patched, as well as pressure washing and coating work was performed (corrosion prevention and waterproofing), 250 m².

Mer informasjon

Build Care Oy carried out coating work until 2016. The product was known as AnySeal until 2009 and ElaStop in 2010-2016. The ElaProof brand name was introduced in 2017.