Eurogum / Felt roof 3000 m² | Lieto

The coating of the roof of the Lieto shopping center with Eurogum and felt roof was carried out with ElaProof S.


Kunde: Lieto Shopping Center
Mål: Roof coating
Adresse: Hyvättyläntie 2, Lieto, Finland
Materiale: Eurogum- and felt roof
Entreprenør: Turun Kattopinnoite | Pasalok Oy
Tid og sted: 07/2020 | Lieto


Two different roof materials are used in Lieto: Eurogum and felt roof. The roof materials have a lot of cracks, breaks and penetrations in poor condition. Hot high-pressure washing of the roof was carried out at the site, the penetrations were pre-treated with ElaProof H and ElaProof Base fabric. The ceiling was coated twice with gray ElaProof S.