Indendørs lufttætning | Hamina

The indoor air defects and heat leaks observed in the townhouse apartment were repaired with isocyanate-free, M1 emission-classified ElaProof Indoor.


Kunde: Private house
Mål: Indoor Air Sealing
Adresse: Patterinkatu, Hamina, Finland
Materiale: Concrete
Entreprenør: Rakennus Alakangas Oy
Tilsynsførende: Rakennussuunnittelu ja -valvonta Valkoinen Linja Oy, Building health expert Jari Harju
Tid og sted: 01/2020 | Hamina


The apartment has indoor air pollution and heat leaks. The floor coverings in the apartment were removed and the concrete surfaces were milled for the installation of ElaProof Indoor. After ElaProof Primer treatment, indoor air sealing work started at the site. The work was performed in accordance with the work instructions of the product manufacturer. The examinations carried out in the final inspection, e.g. with a thermal camera and smoke tests. The premises have been found to be compact by building health expert Jari Harju.