Indoor air sealing of office spaces | Lappeenranta

Isocyanate-free ElaProof Indoor with M1 emission classification was used to protect the indoor air of the office building.


Mål: Indoor Air Sealing
Adresse: Lappeenranta, Finland
Materiale: concrete-wool-concrete frame
Entreprenør: AT Rakennus Oy
Tilsynsførende: Paloniitty Oy, Sauli Paloniitty
Tid og sted: 12/2020 | Lappeenranta


The indoor air repair of the office premises was carried out with ElaProof products. The repair included sealing repairs to the frame structures. The goal is to secure good indoor air by repairing the element seams of the outer wall element. Quality control was performed with tracer tests. Lifetime target: 20 years

Mere information

The site has a typical 1980s concrete-wool-concrete frame. The tightness of the recasts of the element joints is insufficient. By repairing them, better indoor air quality, improved thermal comfort and the building physical function of the structures are achieved.