Machine seam roof 450 m² | Sipoo

The Jugend building in the historic Nikkilä hospital area was coated with environmentally friendly ElaProof in the summer of 2020.


Kunde: Asunto Oy Sipoon Pisaborg Bostads Ab
Mål: Roof coating
Adresse: Puutarhurinkuja 7, 04130 Sipoo, Finland
Materiale: Machine seam roof
Entreprenør: Helsingin Katto työ Oy
Tilsynsførende: Frontago Oy
Tid og sted: 06/2020 | Sipoo


The site had an old pitch coating, so adhesion strength measurements were performed there already in 2019. This ensured the suitability of the ElaProof coating for the site. The roof was carefully cleaned with pressure washing and treated with anti-rust paint before starting the coating work.

Mere information

Asunto Oy Sipoon Pisaborg Bostads Ab, Puutarhurinkuja 7, the object is located in Sipoon’s Nikkilä historical hospital area. The house was built at the beginning of the 20th century, and there are plenty of impressive Art Nouveau homes in a village-like setting in the area.