Terrace coating 30 m² | Savonlinna

The terrace of a detached house in Savonlinna got waterproofing and an elegant surface with ElaProof products.


Kunde: Private house
Mål: Detached house
Adresse: Savonlinna, Finland
Materiale: Marbel and granite tiles
Entreprenør: Saaren Rakennuspalvelu Oy
Tid og sted: 08/2021 | Savonlinna


The terrace of a detached house, old tiles, some marble and some granite. The surfaces of the tiles were sanded open with a cup wheel. The surface was treated with ElaProof Primer before coating. Waterproofing was ensured with ElaProof H and ElaProof Art&Deco 3-color flakes was applied to the surface. The final surface was protected with ELACOAT TopCoat varnish.