Vaulted sauna floor | Padasjoki

The wonderful vaulted sauna located on the shore of Lake Myllyjärvi got a stylish floor with ElaProof+SAND Floor Covering.


Kunde: Private house
Mål: Vaulted Sauna
Adresse: Mylly-Mäkeläntie 92, 17530 Padasjoki, Finland
Materiale: Concrete
Entreprenør: Metu Oy
Tid og sted: 07/2021 | Padasjoki


A rental cottage completed in the summer of 2021, with a stylish vaulted sauna in the yard. The vaulted sauna floor was first treated with ElaProof H. ElaProof+SAND Floor Covering was chosen as the last surface, which completes the style. Ease of cleaning is valued in the rental property, so the floor was protected with ELACOAT TopCoat. The visible surfaces of the entrance were treated with ElaProof+SAND Wall Covering.

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