Coating of the terrace and stairs 90 m² | Kytäjä

The entrance stairs and outdoor terraces of the detached house on the shore of Kytäjärvi were coated with ElaProof+SAND Floor Covering.


Kunde: Private house
Mål: Waterproofing of terrace
Adresse: Kytäjä, Finland
Materiale: Concrete
Entreprenør: Helsingin Laudoitus Oy
Tid og sted: 07/2022 | Kytäjä


The outdoor terraces surrounding the detached house and the entrance stairs were sanded and smoothed. After that, the site was primed and the waterproofing was ensured with ElaProof H. The stylish surface of the site was done with ElaProof+SAND Floor Covering. The final touch was given by ELACOAT TopCoat RAL 7024 surface varnish, which matches the color scheme of the object, which ensures easy keeping of the surfaces clean.