Indoor air sealing of the school building | Forssa

The indoor air defects and heat leaks observed at the site were repaired by sealing the structures with isocyanate-free ElaProof Indoor.


Kunde: Forssa Vocational Institute
Mål: Indoor Air Sealing
Adresse: Forssa, Finland
Materiale: Concrete + others
Entreprenør: Rakennus Timo Pekka Oy
Veileder: Paloniitty Oy, Sauli Paloniitty
Tid og sted: 06/2020 | Forssa


The school building has indoor air pollution and heat leaks. Floor moldings removed from the structures and larger gaps sealed with Masa sealing compound before ElaProof Indoor installation. Model sealing made after ElaProof Primer treatment, which was checked with tracer tests before starting the actual sealing work. The work has been carried out in accordance with Paloniitty Oy’s plans and the work instructions of the product manufacturer.