Indoor air sealing repair of senior apartments | Vaasa

A large-scale sealing repair was carried out at the site in connection with the basic repair.


Kunde: Vuorikatu Senior Apartment
Mål: Indoor Air Sealing
Adresse: Vuorikatu 2-4, Vaasa, Finland
Materiale: Concrete sandwich element
Entreprenør: Drytec Oy
Veileder: Vahanen Rakennusfysiikka Oy, Arto Toorikka
Tid og sted: 07/2020 | Vaasa


Sealing repair in connection with the basic repair: Upper floor-wall joint, hollow tile seams, penetrations, window joints and intermediate floor-wall joint.

Mer informasjon

The site is a concrete sandwich element (+cavity slab) house, which was built in 1985 as a service building. Currently, the building has senior apartments, service providers and office space.