Machine seam roof, Kindergarten 900 m² | Helsinki

The roof of the kindergarten was coated with isocyanate-free ElaProof S in August 2021.


Kunde: City of Helsinki, Kindergarten Niitty
Mål: Kindergarten Niitty
Adresse: Laurinmäenpolku 4, Helsinki, Finland
Materiale: Machine seam roof
Entreprenør: JJ-Kattohuolto Oy
Tid og sted: 08/2021 | Helsinki


Niitty, a kindergarten in the city of Helsinki, was coated with ElaProof S according to the manufacturer’s instructions twice. This ensured a minimum dry film thickness of 0.6 mm in terms of waterproofing.

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In connection with the coating work, the holes caused by removing the old snow barriers were patched with ElaProof H and Base fabric. In addition, the vertical seams of the long miters were treated in the same way. The ventilation of the roof was improved with vacuum fans hand-made by a sheet metal worker. After the coating work new snow barriers, roof bridges and ladders were installed.