Plinth coating and waterproofing 52 m² | Vantaa

Coating the plinth with ElaProof+SAND Plinth Protection renewed the look of the house.


Kunde: Private house
Mål: Plinth coating and waterproofing
Adresse: Vantaa, Finland
Materiale: Concrete plinth
Entreprenør: Juholta Oy
Tid og sted: 6/2022 | Vantaa


An old town house in Vantaa experienced a complete facelift when the waterproofing of the plinth was fixed with ElaProof+SAND Plinth Protecion. The site has an old cast plinth and a newer ingot plinth, which was leveled before ElaProof+SAND coating. At the same time, the contractor handled the exterior painting of the house. Now the old house is like candy!