Plinth coating and waterproofing 52 m² | Vantaa

Coating the plinth with ElaProof+SAND Plinth Protection renewed the look of the house.

Thanks to the Finnish ElaProof products, we can offer our customers an ecological and sustainable alternative for roof, plinth and terrace renovations.

– Juho Nissinen, Juholta Oy

Project information

Client: Private house
Project: Plinth coating and waterproofing
Address: Vantaa, Finland
Material: Concrete plinth
Contractor: Juholta Oy
Time and city: 6/2022 | Vantaa


An old town house in Vantaa experienced a complete facelift when the waterproofing of the plinth was fixed with ElaProof+SAND Plinth Protecion. The site has an old cast plinth and a newer ingot plinth, which was leveled before ElaProof+SAND coating. At the same time, the contractor handled the exterior painting of the house. Now the old house is like candy!