Roof Terrace 60 m² | Vantaa

The waterproofing of the site was ensured by coating the terrace with Finnish isocyanate-free ElaProof products.


Kunde: Private house
Mål: Coating and waterproofing of Terrace
Adresse: Koivuvaara, Vantaa, Finland
Materiale: Concrete
Entreprenør: Juholta Oy
Tid og sted: 08/2021 | Vantaa


In Koivuvaara, Vantaa, the waterproofing of the terrace was ensured by first coating the terrace with black ElaProof H. After that, the surface was treated with ElaProof+SAND Floor Covering. This gave the terrace a stylish surface that reduces the risk of slipping. The final touch was given by ELACOAT TopCoat treatment, which enables easy cleaning of the terrace.