Responsibility is choices and actions for a better tomorrow!

Sustainable development means meeting the needs of present generations without jeopardising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Social, economic and environmental issues are inseparable and interdependent.

“Regarding the above definition of sustainable development, I took it as it is from the official website of the European Commission. I think the responsible thing to do is to make choices today that affect the future of all of us. By choosing an ElaProof product, you can influence the course of sustainable development. As a manufacturer, it is important to us that our products are responsibly manufactured and safe for the environment and people.”

CEO Jarno Kontio – Build Care Ltd

Made in Finland

An important part of our responsibility is to ensure that our products are manufactured in Finland and that the vast majority of our raw materials are domestic. The Association for Finnish Work has awarded ElaProof products with Key Flag Mark. It recognises that the product has been manufactured, or the service has been produced, in Finland. The degree of domesticity of ElaProof products is more than 80 percent.


ElaProof is an easy-to-use 1-component and environmentally friendly product made from REACH-approved raw materials. It is important for us to offer a safe domestic alternative for repair and new construction needs. Thanks to their versatility, ElaProof products are suitable for most construction sites and the their properties are suitable for most building materials.

Isocyanate-free ElaProof products are a safe choice for everyone who comes into contact with the product. This means safety for the installers and the end users of the site, whether it is the workplace or the home.

Raw materials containing isocyanates are widely used in industry. Exposure to respiratory isocyanates may occur in the handling of these raw materials and in the manufacture or processing of polyurethane products and other nitrogenous plastics and resins. Isocyanates are a major group of compounds that cause work-related asthma.



Ecological ElaProof products are a safe choice for the environment and people. Water-based ElaProof is solvent-free, and its pH is neutral – handling the product does not require special protective equipment.

The 5- and 15-liter packages of ElaProof products are made of 100% recycled polypropylene. In the packaging, we use as ecological solutions as possible, however ensuring the shelf life of the product.

We take care of our producer responsibility! As a manufacturer of ElaProof products, Build Care Oy has signed an agreement with Ring. The Rinki mark also communicates our company’s responsibility and taking care of producer responsibility. In addition, we strive to sort the waste generated in our operations. Read more about the Rinki service.


ElaProof products have been approved for the site as the first construction product in Finland. All products and services on the site are approved by an independent Responsibility Panel, whose members are long-term experts in sustainable production and consumption. Thanks to panel curation, you can be confident that your choices will make an impact. Also check out (in Finnish) other responsible products:

Demolition or repair of the building?

The report of the Ministry of the Environment in Finland sheds light on the climate effects of new construction and renovation. According to it, renovation is a more effective means of avoiding the generation of emissions in the coming decades, which are decisive in combating and adapting to climate change, than demolishing new construction. However, more research data is still needed on the overall effects at the level of the urban structure. Construction guidance and planning should primarily encourage repairing buildings instead of demolishing them.

By using ElaProof, the need for demolition work is minimized, as the product is applied directly to the existing surface. This significantly reduces the amount of demolition waste

Nordic Ecolabelling

Nordic Ecolabelling, or the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, tells us about the best products for the environment. It is also possible for a building to receive the Nordic Ecolabel if it meets the requirements for it.

The following ElaProof products are listed in the Nordic Ecolabelling construction product database and can be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabel buildings: ElaProof H • ElaProof Indoor • ElaProof S • ElaProof Indoor S • ElaProof Primer.