Protection solution for coating and overhauling sawmill drying rooms

ElaProof has become the leading protection solution for coating and overhauling sawmill timber dryers made of carbon steel and concrete.

Corrosion of concrete surfaces in dryers and rusting of steel surfaces can be prevented with ElaProof coating.

ElaProof products offer a long-lasting protection solution in sawmills’ chamber and duct dryers made of carbon steel and concrete. In them, the temperature rises to 70 °C, the relative humidity is close to 100%, and corrosive ingredients such as formic acid evaporate from the timber being dried. In such maximally corrosive conditions, ElaProof offers a superior solution as a decades-lasting coating.

An important detail in dryers are the seams of the structures, which must be maintained for the sake of quality and energy efficiency. Leaky seams also affect the drying result in adjacent dryers, as well as wetting insulation materials, leading to increased corrosion and increased energy consumption. With the help of ElaProof and the reinforcement fabric, it is simple and easy to seal the seams sustainably.

Maintenance challenges:

• Extreme conditions expose structures and coatings to heavy stress
• High temperatures +50 – +70 °C
• Humid conditions RH 70-100%
• Significant temperature fluctuations
• Organic acid fumes, resin, water and other substances released from sawn timber during drying

ElaProof withstands exceptional conditions!

Advantages of ElaProof:

  • Retains its protective properties even under high stress conditions
  • Retains its elasticity despite hot and acid fumes
  • The high temperature of the drying chambers further promotes excellent adhesion
  • Tests confirm that ElaProof can withstand very high temperatures and chemical stress
Renovation of a sawmill with ElaProof
The wall of the drying room before ElaProof treatment
ElaProof H is easiest to apply on the wall with a long-handled roller. With high-pressure spraying equipment, ElaProof S spray compound is sprayed directly onto the object to be coated.
Drying room before ElaProof coating
Drying room wall after ElaProof treatment
ElaProof is highly resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations, which is why it is well suited for drying rooms.