Coating an old roof is a wise decision that saves nature and money

ElaProof is an innovative Finnish isocyanate-free coating that is excellent for coating, repairing and renovating old roofs.

The most environmentally friendly roof coating on the market

The ElaProof coating provides excellent durable protection for roofs. ElaProof can be applied in a cost-saving manner in the simplest way, and therefore it is ideally suited as a coating of sheet metal -, bitumen – and fibre cement roofs. The coating extends the life span of the roofs by decades. The ElaProof coating resists and protects the surfaces against extreme weather fluctuations and UV radiation.

The elasticity of the ElaProof coating lasts unchanged for decades and the rusting under the protected protective layer is stopped. ElaProof dries by itself and unlike products containing bitumen, the ElaProof coating does not need to be treated with external heating flames. The risk of burning is reduced. In addition, the product does not contain any toxic substances which would be detrimental to health.

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Patented ElaProof Technology
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