Sealing radon leaks with ElaProof

Radon in the indoor air of buildings is a common problem in the Nordic countries and in Central and Southern Europe. Radon is an odourless, tasteless and colourless gas that increases the risk of lung cancer.

Factors affecting the radon concentration in room air:
A) the soil around and below the building
B) filled soil driven onto the plot
C) bedrock
D) selected building materials
E) building ventilation

Why is radon protection important?

After smoking, radon is the biggest cause of lung cancer in Finland. Because of this, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has set maximum radon concentration limits of 300 Bq/m3 in old apartments and 200 Bq/m3 in new buildings.

Radon is transported into room air from the soil. The simplest way to prevent radon from leaking indoors is to seal the possible leakage paths of building foundations and subfloors. The most typical leak route is the shrinkage gap between the concrete slab and the plinth, through which the negative pressure in the apartment sucks in the radon-containing air in the soil. In addition to this, also the penetrations and various connection points can form a significant leakage path for air containing radon. The ElaProof Indoor coating is well suited for sealing various leakage paths.

Radon gas permeability of ElaProof coating has been studied in Sweden by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden AB). The method used was SP Method no. 3873. Both measured values meet the values required for radon membranes by the Norwegian building research institute SINTEF Byggforsk. Based on the RISE measurement, ElaProof prevents radon gas leakage by more than 98%.

ElaProof sealing may well be enough alone to fix the radon problem and enable safe use of the premises. One of the great advantages of ElaProof sealing is its ease. You can even do the sealing yourself, saving all external labor costs. Spreadable ElaProof reliably seals seams, joints and penetrations of all shapes. Porous concrete structures and their cracks can also be treated with the same substance.

ElaProof sealing can be done in the stages you want, so that there is no major disruption to living at any stage. ElaProof is an ecological Finnish product that does not emit harmful substances into the indoor air when it dries.

If the building’s radon values ​​are very high or it is very difficult to seal the building’s foundation or basement spaces, then alternative repair methods must be considered, such as making radon wells under the building or installing radon pipelines or vacuums. Even then, sealing with ElaProof Indoor improves the final result.