ElaProof FLOOR X


Vapour Open, elastic and breathable self-smoothing 1K floor coating for indoor use

ElaProof FLOOR X is a unique floor covering that combines elasticity and breathability using the patented ElaProof technology. The product has passed strict tests in accordance with product standard EN 13813.

ElaProof FLOOR X is designed for indoor use and has an M1 emission classification. The rating applies to the best indoor building materials belonging to the M1 category, which release very few compounds into the room. In addition, the product has a pan-European certificate for products intended for indoor use Emicode EC 1.

Versatile applications

ElaProof FLOOR X is excellently suitable for a wide range of indoor floor surfaces, such as concrete, cement-based screeds and wood-based building boards such as plywood and CLT. This enables it to be used versatilely in different locations, such as homes, workplaces, schools and other indoor floors. You can now safely choose a Finnish, breathable floor covering for more and more places.

Safe • Finnish • Responsible

ElaProof FLOOR X is a Finnish innovation whose product development has focused especially on safety. It provides protection for both installers and end users, be it at work or at home. The product is isocyanate- and phthalate-free, and more than 10% of its raw materials are bio-based.

10 good reasons to choose ElaProof FLOOR X

  • Vapour Open, self levelling floor coating
  • Overall economic one-component product
  • Bio-based product – an ecological choice
  • M1 emission classification and Emicode EC1
  • Isocyanate- and phthalate-free product
  • Versatile applications
  • An almost unlimited color selection with surface topcoats
  • A safe Finnish product for indoor spaces
  • Sufficient – 20 kg = ready surface approx. 6.5 m2
  • The ready-to-use 1K product saves working time

Application areas