ElaProof Cool Roof

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Roof coating that reflects sunlight!

The ElaProof Cool Roof roof coating is designed to reduce heat absorption and reflect more solar radiation, which helps keep the interior of the building cooler. ElaProof Cool Roof helps reduce the need for cooling in buildings and thus save energy. ElaProof Cool Roof is being tested in the USA by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC). The CRRC evaluates roof coatings on their ability to reflect sunlight and radiation, and their ability to reduce temperature rise. When the roof coating reaches a certain degree of reflectivity and emissivity value, it can receive “Cool Roof” approval.

The forerunner’s choice!

Cool Roof coatings are especially popular in areas with hot climates because they can help reduce cooling costs and improve the energy efficiency of buildings. They can also provide more comfortable indoor spaces during the hot summer. Due to global warming, responsible property owners are also paying even more attention to roof coating materials. ElaProof Cool Roof is the pioneer’s choice!

Durable • Economical • Reflective

ElaProof Cool Roof is an innovative water-based roof coating that continues the winning streak of our product development. The product is based on the internationally patented ElaProof technology. It is a durable and economical solution when you are looking for a reflective roof coating for your property.

Why choose ElaProof Cool Roof?

  • Reflects sunlight – you save on energy costs
  • Overall economic one-component product – fast installation
  • Breathable – permeable to water vapor and still waterproof and airtight
  • Leak-proof and seamless – can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Resistant to water and frost – can also be applied to damp substrates
  • Overall economic one-component product
  • Isocyanate-free – safe for the installer and the environment

We are looking for references for the product!

The ElaProof Cool Roof product has been tested in selected sites in the summer of 2023. Now we are looking for new reference sites for the summer of 2024. If you have a site where energy saving plays a significant role, please contact Mr. Jarno Kontio tel. +358 20 790 2713 • e-mail: jarno.kontio@buildcare.fi

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