ElaProof Art&Deco Coloured Sand


Elaproof Art&Deco Coloured Sand for indoor and outdoor use

ElaProof Art&Deco Coloured sand is sprinkled on top of the ElaProof coating. The final surface is treated with ELACOAT TopCoat, which increases durability and makes cleaning easier. The advantages of the method are e.g. modern appearance and a rough surface that reduces the risk of slipping.

Applications include e.g. stairs, terraces, balconies, plinths and AC engine rooms. ElaProof Art&Deco Coloured Sands are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

TIP! ElaProof Indoor is M1 -approved product, so it is perfectly suited for use on glazed balconies, as they are often classified as indoor spaces and require a coating suitable for indoor use.