Office room floor 10 m² | ElaProof FLOOR X | Vantaa, Finland

The floor of the office was coated with ElaProof FLOOR X floor coating, which is permeable to water vapor and is elastic and self-smoothing.

Project information

Client: Build Care Oy
Project: Office room floor
Address: Kelatie 6, Vantaa, Finland
Material: concrete
Contractor: Build Care Oy, reference
Time and city: 05/2023 | Vantaa, Finland


The office’s laminate floor was replaced with self-smoothing ElaProof FLOOR X floor covering. After removing the laminate, the concrete floor was vacuumed and treated with ElaProof Primer. The treatment improves the adhesion of ElaProof to the substrate and blocks the pores of the substrate. ElaProof FLOOR X was installed as the floor covering according to the work instructions. The elegant finished surface was created with ELACOAT TopCoat RAL 7001 topcoat.


ElaProof product trainings are organized for construction contractors at the premises of Build Care Oy in Kelatie, Vantaa, Finland. At the same time, those participating in the trainings have the opportunity to get to know real sites where innovative isocyanate-free ElaProof products have been used.