Summer cottage sauna floor 5 m² | Miehikkälä, Finland

The floor of the sauna was coated with water vapor permeable and elastic self-smoothing ElaProof FLOOR X floor coating.

Project information

Client: Private summer cottage
Project: Sauna floor of summer cottage
Address: Miehikkälä
Material: concrete
Contractor: Build Care Oy, reference
Time and city: 06/2023 | Miehikkälä, Finland


The floor of the sauna in the summer cottage had already been tiled for some time. The old tiles were removed and the Finnish innovative, self-smoothing ElaProof FLOOR X floor covering was chosen as the new surface. After removing the tiles, the spills of the old concrete floor were repaired with UZIN products and after drying, the floor was treated with ElaProof Primer. The treatment improves the adhesion of ElaProof to the substrate and blocks the pores of the substrate. ElaProof FLOOR X was installed as a new floor coating according to the work instructions. The easy-care and finished surface was made with ELACOAT TopCoat RAL topcoat.


A summer cottage built at the end of the 1960s, without electricity, which is cold in winter, where it was decided to renew the sauna floor. The sauna was last renovated in the early 2000s, when the painted concrete floor was tiled with ceramic tiles. In connection with the floor renovation, the brick chimney of the sauna was coated with ElaProof+SAND Wall coating.