The Company

We, Build Care Ltd, have set the goal of developing flexible, innovative coatings with the highest quality of environmental friendly  protection. In addition, together we solve the challenges of our customers with our products. Our patented breathing water insulation technology, which is based on a breakthrough in polymer chemistry, forms the backbone of our company. On drying, a resilient coating of water-soluble REACH-certified raw materials is formed, which can be used to protect a wide range of materials. The non-toxic and easy-to-use ElaProof products extend the lifespan of buildings and structures for decades.

Our company was established in 1990 in Turku, Finland, and we are based in Vantaa (Helsinki area), Finland. Our quality products are made in Finland.

Build Care Oy
Kelatie 6, FI-01450 Vantaa / Finland
Tel .: +358 20 790 2710
Business ID: FI0710945-5