Machine seam roof 950 m² | Helsinki

The valuable site in Eira, Helsinki received an environmentally friendly ElaProof coating in the summer of 2020.

Project information

Client: Apartment building Speranski
Project: Roof
Address: Merikatu 27 – 29, Helsinki, Finland
Material: Machine seam roof
Contractor: Maalausliike PintaÄssät Oy
Time and city: 07/2020 Helsinki


In Eira, downtown of Helsinki, the machine-seamed tin roof of a valuable property was coated with environmentally friendly ElaProof S in accordance with the work instructions twice. The penetrations and seams were sealed with ElaProof H before installing ElaProof S.


Architect: John Wikander. Completed: 1915. In the 1920s, the building could have been called the managers’ house, as no less than four managers and one senior manager lived there. More information about the building can be found on: