The patented ElaProof technology has been tested in the demanding weather conditions of the North!

Elastic, one-component isocyanate-free ElaProof creates a very long-lasting and waterproof protective layer on most surfaces in interior and exterior structures. ElaProof is the most environmentally friendly and multipurpose protective elastic coating and sealing mass on the market.

ElaProof’s typical applications include:

  • Coating, patching and renovation of roofs
  • Sealing of penetrations and seams
  • Connecting different materials to each other sustainably
  • Renovation of the rainwater system
  • Protection of plinths and exterior structures
  • Renovation and protection of sawmill drying rooms
  • Indoor air sealing and radon protection
  • Encapsulation and sealing of floor contaminants
  • Waterproofing and finishing balconies

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