Safe Indoor air sealing with ElaProof Indoor - FOR HEALTHY INDOOR AIR -

It is vital to ensure clean and healthy indoor air both in new constructions and renovation. Sealing joints and air leaks and protecting against radon often prove to be the most critical aspects of structural maintenance.

Why is indoor air sealing important?

Sealing repairs aim to prevent uncontrolled air leaks that can occur through structures and structural joints. Along with air leaks, pollutants can be transported into the room air, which can reduce the quality of the indoor air and cause symptoms in the users of the building.

Air leaks can weaken e.g.

  • operation of ventilation systems
  • thermal conditions
  • indoor air quality
  • fire resistance of structures

Good air tightness can effectively prevent the migration of impurities, harmful substances and molds from the building envelope structures and soil into the building’s interior air. The airtight envelope structure also reduces the feeling of draft experienced by the building’s users and makes it easier to adjust the ventilation and achieve the desired pressure ratios.

Elastic and Ecological sealant

ElaProof Indoor is a ready-to-use one-component water-based coating for indoor air sealing and protection against radon. The unique elasticity and excellent adhesion of the product on various surfaces ensure safe and secure sealing.

ElaProof Indoor keeps joints tight when buildings and structures shrink and expand. In indoor premises, the product dries fast while forming an airtight film – enabling you to proceed to the next work stage without waiting. ElaProof Indoor is Free of Isocyanate – therefore it´s completely safe for people and environment.