ElaProof can be used to seal penetrations and seams in structures

Thanks to its elasticity, ElaProof is a functional solution for e.g., for sealing chimneys, penetrations, seams, and other points of discontinuity. The product is also excellent for coating gutters and downspouts.

The best solution for penetrations and joints

ElaProof adheres perfectly to almost all building materials and can also be applied to a damp surface. The one-component coating is easy to apply to a substrate of any shape and can also be used to connect different materials to each other.

Even the most challenging seals can be made by first spreading ElaProof on the edges of the area to be sealed, fixing the ElaProof Base Fabric over the seam as a support net, and finally spreading ElaProof over the seam on the base fabric. In this way, an elastic seam is created, which is very resistant to different movements of the surfaces, such as asymmetric thermal expansion. Seaming technology can also be used to patch larger holes and cracks in surfaces.