Image bank

ElaProof product images and logos (zip-packed) have been uploaded to the media bank for the use of partners, media and retailers. In addition you will find CEO Jarno Kontio’s images for media use. When using his images, we ask that you include the photographer’s information: © Markku Pajunen.

ElaProof products:

ELACOAT products:

ELACOAT TopCoat 3,3 kg | ELACOAT TopCoat RAL 3,375 kg


ElaProof logos


Jarno Kontio images

CEO Jarno Kontio – Photo © Markku Pajunen

ElaProof brochures:

ElaProof brochure 2023

ElaProof Indoor Solutions brochure 2023

ElaProof BTR System brochure 2023