1.3 Mineral-based plate roof (Minerite roof) repair proposal

Coating of a mineral-based plate roof (Minerite roof)


This repair method proposal is indicative and deals with the coating of a mineral-based sheet roof with ElaProof H, S and ElaProof Cool Roof coatings. There must be no previous coatings on the mineral-based tile roof. If previous coatings are found, it is necessary to make sure of the adhesion of the ElaProof coating to the previous coating by performing a separate adhesion test.

The repair proposal is not a repair plan. The overall design of coating/sealing is always the responsibility of the site-specific designer.

Inspection of the platform

Before coating with ElaProof products, it is necessary to check the condition of the original mineral-based tile roof. As a general rule, the ceiling boards must be intact and the surface of the boards must not be weak so that good adhesion of the ElaProof coating is not possible. If the roof boards are fixed with nails, the fixing method should be changed to screws before coating. Note! Check with the occupational health and safety authorities whether this possible work phase requires an Asbestos demolition permit!

During the inspection, also mark any cracks in the boards for further processing.

Platform preparations

All branches, leaves and other loose debris and impurities accumulated on the roof are removed.

The roof to be coated is washed with a suitable high-pressure washer and detergent, e.g. Biocomb Puhdas Katto Extra Strong or SikaGard-715W.

Washing removes all organic material and other impurities from the roof. Washing also removes all the original factory coating from the surface of the boards, so that the ElaProof coating achieves the best possible adhesion.

Note! In Finland, washing with a pressure of more than 50 bar requires Asbestos demolition permits from the person performing the work. In this case, the washing water must also be collected. If necessary, contact the occupational health and safety authorities!


After proper cleaning, the surface of a mineral-based tile roof is often very porous, so proper priming is very important to prevent the actual coating from rotting.

Priming is carried out with a primer with the following mixture ratio:
10 liters of ElaProof S spray coating + 2 liters of ElaProof Primer primer + 2 liters of water.

Mix the mixture mechanically with a drill whisk into a liquid, uniform solution and spread it in an even layer on the surface of the ceiling boards, e.g. by brushing. Further treatments can be started when the primer is no longer damaged when walking on the roof, but no later than 24 hours after priming.

Sealing of penetrations and possible cracks

ElaProof H coating and ElaProof Roof reinforcement fabric can be used to seal the penetrations in the roof when their adhesion surfaces are metal or PVC plastic. If necessary, ElaProof H coating can be thinned 1-2% with water to make working easier.

The ElaProof ROOF reinforcement fabric is raised as a collar against the penetration to a height of at least 20 mm. If the grommets to be sealed allow a preformed grommet to be threaded over the grommet as a collar, the grommets can be shaped from ElaProof Roof reinforcement fabric if necessary.

If the grip surfaces of the grommets are EPDM rubber, PP plastic or PE plastic, it is recommended to use cloth-coated Butyl tape or a cloth-coated Butyl rubber grommet on which the ElaProof coating is applied as a grip bridge in the area to be raised as a collar.

Any cracks in the roof boards are also sealed with a combination of ElaProof H coating and ElaProof Roof reinforcement fabric before the actual coating.

Coating with ElaProof coating

ElaProof H coating is used, if necessary, for coating the entire roof, but most commonly for patching, sealing penetrations and treating the edge areas of the sprayed roof before spraying to avoid splashes (reduces the need for protection). If necessary, ElaProof H coating can be thinned 1-2 % with water to make working easier.

ElaProof H coating is applied with a spatula, brush or short-pile roller. ElaProof H coating is recommended to be applied to the area to be coated in 2 separate application times. Total material flow for primed according to the instructions for a mineral-based plate roof is 1.4-1.6 l/m2, in which case the dry film thickness is min. 1.0 mm.

ElaProof S and ElaProof Cool Roof spray coating is applied with an airless high-pressure sprayer suitable for the purpose. The injection pressure must be 170-300 bar and the yield min. 6 l/min, The recommended nozzle sizes are 527-529 and 627-629. It is recommended to apply the ElaProof S and ElaProof Cool Roof coatings to the area to be coated in 2 separate application times.

The total material consumption for mineral-based plate roof is 1.4-1.6 l/m2, depending on the coarseness and porosity of the platform, in which case the dry film thickness is min. 1.0 mm.

ElaProof H, S and Cool Roof are rainproof for 3-7 hours after coating, depending on the prevailing temperature and relative air humidity during the work. Build Care Oy recommends that the average daily temperature during ElaProof coating is at least + 10 °C.

The coating reaches its full mechanical properties after approx. 3 weeks. After that, the surface can be painted over if necessary, for example.


If, for example, the desired color shade cannot be found in the ElaProof coating, it is possible to paint the ElaProof coating. The painting should be done with the tested water-thinned tin roof paints recommended by Build Care Oy, which are e.g.

  • Teknos Kirjo Aqua
  • Tikkurila Panssari Akva
  • Fintex Tin ceiling paint

Note! Repainting is not a necessary measure but is only carried out if necessary.

Build Care Oy owns all rights to this repair proposal. Designers can freely use this repair method suggestion when preparing repair plans!


Structural drawings

All structural drawings related to ElaProof products in DWG and PDF format from the ProdLib-Service.

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