Application areas

Multi-purpose ElaProof

ElaProof can be used for very versatile purposes. With the endurance of ElaProof, you can solve the most difficult rust and corrosion problems in industrial and household maintenance.

ElaProof is mostly used for:

  • roofs
    • sheet metal
    • bitumen
    • fiber cement
  • plinths
  • bridges
  • balconies
  • any materials and surfaces which are excessively exposed to moisture and / or temperature fluctuations
  • passages, joints and other interfaces
  • attaching concrete and wooden surfaces permanently together without damaging the structures.

ElaProof has shown some very promising results in mold control and further research is being actively pursued.


ElaProof coating of roofs

ElaProof coating resists and protects the surfaces against extreme weather fluctuations and UV radiation.
Option for roof replacement!