Balcony repair

Comfortable and reasonably priced ElaProof balcony renovations have arrived!

In the eyes of residents, damage to balcony floors tends to show as worn paint and varying degrees of cracking and chipping. The deterioration of concrete structures and rusting of structural steel cause a risk of accidents, as well as cosmetic problems. Damage to balcony floors can weaken structures: in the worst case scenario, a balcony may have to be entirely rebuilt.

The problem with many repair methods is their multiple work phases. Depending on the size of the housing company, a balcony renovation can take several months. Balcony renovations often include sandblasting, for which the entire building has to be ’shrouded’ in a building wrap. This is an expensive process, which makes life much less comfortable and enjoyable for residents.

The patented ElaProof repair method makes the refurbishment of balcony floors pleasant, even for residents, who can continue to live in comfort during the renovation. In addition, the surroundings are not spoiled by heavy, dusty and noisy work phases.


  • The solution is extremely long-term
  • The corrosion of steel structures and degradation of concrete are either stopped or considerably slowed down
  • A new, durable surface material is installed on the balcony
  • Can also be installed on damp surfaces
  • Non-floor surfaces remain breathable, i.e. any condensation that forms inside them can evaporate


  • Assessment of balcony’s condition: floor, railings, walls and ceiling, i.e. which parts are worth repairing.
  • After repair, the covered walls, roof and any concrete railings can be painted, plastered or tiled.
  • A durable, level and clean floor surface is created using the ElaProof multilayer solution, based on a patented polypropylene film.
  • Depending on the conditions, after repairing the balcony floor you must wait 12 to 24 months before coating the ceiling of the balcony underneath, to allow any water from the covering to exit through the concrete.
  • Balcony floor repair.
    Balcony floor repair