• Clean the surface carefully of dirt, sand, grease, loose water, organic vegetation, old layers of paint or coatings and other frail material.
  • Depending on the condition of the surface, use a high-pressure washer or a brush for cleaning.
  • It is recommended that porous surfaces, such as concrete, are prepared by applying ElaProof Primer for securing optimal adhesion and tightness of the coating.
  • When needed, use protective equipment. ElaProof as such is safe but it is always strongly recommended to use e.g. eye protection and safety equipment when working on roofs.


  • Smaller holes and cracks can be filled and covered with ElaProof without special preparations.
  • For larger holes and cracks (over 2 mm wide, over 5 mm deep) use of ElaProof Base Fabric is recommended. First spread ElaProof on the edges of the hole or crack. Then press Base Fabric into the moist ElaProof mass. Ensure with a trowel or a spatula that there are no wrinkles in the Base Fabric and it is firmly attached to the ElaProof mass. Finally, spread another layer of ElaProof over the Base Fabric before or after the first layer has dried.


  • ElaProof shall be applied in temperatures over +10°C and relative humidity of less than 80%.
  • ElaProof H mass can be applied easily with hand tools such as spatula or short-hair brushes.
  • The right amount of ElaProof for surface-covering coating depends on the evenness and porosity of the surface. For smooth surfaces an average of 1.0 l / m² is required, whereas approx. 1.8 l / m² is required for rough concrete surfaces. Sufficient coating thickness secures its long-term durability.
  • ElaProof H can be applied in one or several layers. It can be applied also on damp or rusty underlayer.


  • The ElaProof H coating compound dries by evaporating water.
  • The drying time depends on the layer thickness, the ambient temperature and relative humidity, dew point, and the absorbency of the surface to which the mass has been applied.
  • Drying time
    • Touch dry (+20°C, 50% RH, 1,5 l/m²) 3 – 4 h
    • Touch dry (+6°C, 25% RH, 1,5 l/m²) 40 h
    • Fully dry (+20°C, 50% RH, 1,5 l/m²) 1 day
    • Full mechanical properties (+20°C, 50% RH, 1,5 l/m²) 3 weeks


  • Wash the tools and surrounding surfaces with water immediately after application. After drying, cleaning of ElaProof can be done mechanically (e.g., the spatula can be cleaned with a knife) or with organic solvents (e.g., xylene).
  • ElaProof H packaging can be disposed as energy waste. Dried ElaProof can be disposed as normal mixed waste.


  • Store ElaProof H coating mass in temperatures between +10°C … +40°C and protected from direct sunlight. The product must not freeze before use.
  • ElaProof H can be stored unopened for minimum 12 months. After use, close the bucket carefully for maximising the storability of the remaining coating mass.
  • A dried ElaProof H coating can be painted with elastic, waterborne, breathable paints. It is advisable to test the compatibility of ElaProof and a specific paint in advance.
  • More technical information is available from info@buildcare.fi.
  • ElaProof H is listed in the Nordic Ecolabelling construction product database and can be used in Swan-labeled buildings.