Roof terrace waterproofing | Espoo

In this location, the waterproofing was implemented using ElaProof Light coating method from the ElaProof BTR System.

Project information

Project: Coating and waterproofing of Terrace
Address: Maakirjantie, Espoo, Finland
Material: Concrete
Contractor: Rockinvest Oy | Rock Kivitalot
Time and city: 06 / 2020 | Espoo


At the this site, the waterproofing of the roof terrace and outdoor stairs was carried out with Finnish isocyanate-free ElaProof H.


There are several detached houses in the area, where below the roof terrace the so-called cold storages. Leaks into warehouses were detected in previously built sites. In this location, the waterproofing was implemented with ElaProof. Afterwards, other houses were also fixed using a proven method. After waterproofing, wooden rails built in place from pressure-saturated wood were installed on the stairs and terrace.