The drying rooms of sawmills

The most outstanding solution

The repair of the drying chamber and tunnels in the sawmills made of concrete or carbon steel has proved that ElaProof is the most outstanding solution for the protection of the components against corrosion under extreme conditions. During the process conditions reach temperature + 70°C, relative humidity almost 100%, and extremely aggressive vinegar and formic acid from the dried wood. The walls and ducts can be protected with ElaProof, as the practice proves.

Sahan kuivaamon kunnostus
Renovation of a sawmill with ElaProof
Kuivaamon kunnostus
Drying room before ElaProof coating
Sahan kuivaamon seinä ennen pinnoitusta
The wall of the drying room before ElaProof treatment
Sahan kuivaamon seinä pinnoitettuna
Drying room wall after ElaProof treatment
Kuivaamon seinän pinnoitus
ElaProof H is easiest to apply on the wall with a long-handled roller. With high-pressure spraying equipment, ElaProof S spray compound is sprayed directly onto the object to be coated.
Kuivaamon seinän pinnoitus
ElaProof is highly resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations, which is why it is well suited for drying rooms.

  • Sawmill drying chambers protection with ElaProof
    Sawmill drying chambers protection with ElaProof