Indoor air sealing of the parish center | Hämeenlinna

The project sought an easy-to-implement and affordable solution to ensure good indoor air. Finnish ElaProof Indoor met the requirements and was chosen as the sealing compound for the project.

Project information

Client: Poltinaho parish center
Project: Indoor Air Sealing
Address: Turuntie 34, Hämeenlinna, Finland
Contractor: Vipojat Oy
Supervisor: Paloniitty Oy, Sauli Paloniitty
Time and city: 11/2020 | Hämeenlinna


Indoor air repair of office premises. The repair includes measures to improve the ventilation and the sealing repair of the windows to the frame structures. Quality control was performed with tracer tests and indoor air measurements.


Typical 1980s concrete-wool-brick frame with mechanical exhaust ventilation. The replacement air valves are incomplete and partially unmaintained. Part of the replacement air comes through wetted insulation between the window frame and the wall frame, causing mineral wool fibers in the indoor air and health hazards caused by microbial damage. In the repair, controlled replacement air paths were added and the window frames were sealed to the wall frame.

Nature of the project:
Light and inexpensive to ensure good indoor air

Lifetime target: 10 years

User experiences: The quality of the indoor air improved and the worry about poor indoor air disappeared