Machine seam ceiling 370 m² | Turku

Kaskenkatu's machine-seamed tin roof received an environmentally friendly ElaProof coating in the summer of 2020.

We use Elaproof in different roof coverings. Our customers and we especially value Finnish quality, environmental friendliness and the best adhesion on the market to all surfaces.

– Pasi Kujala, Turun Kattopinnoite / Pasalok Oy

Project information

Client: Asunto Oy Kaskenvartio
Project: Roof coating
Address: Kaskenkatu 4b, 20700 Turku, Finland
Material: Machine seam ceiling
Contractor: Turun Kattopinnoite | Pasalok Oy
Time and city: 07/2020 | Turku


The site has a leaking and rusty machine seam roof. Before spraying ElaProof on the roof, I performed hot high-pressure washing and sanding of rust spots and pretreatment. The site was sprayed with ElaProof S twice according to the work instructions.