Machine seam roof 500 m² | Helsinki

In Hakaniemi, Helsinki - above the city roofs, the coating work was carried out with ElaProof S by ElaProof Official Contractor JJ-Kattohuolto Oy.

We have been doing roof coatings with ElaProof since 2017. With years of experience, I can say that there is no better 1-component thick film coating on the market. The product has excellent adhesion and installing the isocyanate-free product is safe for our employees. We value excellent customer service and cooperation with the manufacturer. Our customers especially value the domesticity and environmental friendliness of the product.

– Jukka Juvonen, JJ-Kattohuolto Oy

Project information

Client: Housing company Hakaniemenkuja 4
Project: Apartment building
Address: Hakaniemenkuja 4, Helsinki, Finland
Material: Machine seam roof
Contractor: JJ-Kattohuolto Oy
Time and city: 07/2021 | Helsinki


The roof of the apartment building in Hakaniemenkuja received ElaProof coating in the heat of July. The black roof made the men sweat as they coated the roof twice according to the manufacturer’s instructions with ElaProof S. The penetrations and seams were repaired with ElaProof H and ElaProof Base Fabric.