Elaproof Indoor instructions for use

Conditions and storage

ElaProof shall be applied in temperatures over +10°C (air and surface) and relative humidity of less than 80%.

The product can also be used on new concrete substrates with remaining residual moisture. In this case, the maximum moisture content is 90% RH measured at the assessment depth A, following the instructions of RT Card 103333 (this applies in Finland, please check your local instructions). The surface of the concrete must be drier than assessment depth A at the time of coating. If it’s a concrete substrate that has become wet after the fact, for example, due to rain, the moisture content should be a maximum of 85% RH at assessment depth A and a maximum of 75% RH on the surface of the concrete. For dense substrates like metal and felt, they should be dry at the time of coating.

ElaProof should be installed at temperatures above + 10°C. Surface temperatures must also be at least + 10°C. The product temperature must be +10 to + 30°C when the product cures and films. Do not freeze during transport or storage, or store in direct sunlight or at temperatures above + 40°C. The product should be stored in sealed packages to prevent water evaporation.


The suitability of the base and structures for air sealing must be ensured. The suitability of ElaProof Indoor for the platform should be tested on site. The substrate must be solid, strong, uniform and not cracked so that there is no air path from the substrate outside the seal. Cavities and crevices larger than 2 mm in the substrate are filled or levelled with ElaProof Indoor up to a thickness of 10 mm or other elastic compound (no acrylic), polyurethane or filler. The moisture content of the concrete substrate should not exceed 90% RH.

Surface cleaning

All non-adhesive layers are removed from the surface. The surface must be free of dirt, dust, loose water, and other loose material. The surface is cleaned of cement adhesive, for example by sanding.

Priming the substrate

ElaProof Primer is used on porous surfaces to ensure adhesion. ElaProof Primer is diluted with water in a ratio of 1 part primer to 2 parts water (1:2). The consumption of the primer depends on the substrate and is applied in such a way that all the substance is absorbed into the substrate. The primer is allowed to dry for 1-4 h depending on the conditions. ElaProof Primer is especially used on porous, dusty, or otherwise difficult to clean surfaces. It is a good idea to test the suitability of the primer on the substrate separately before installation, for example by triangulation and tensile strength tests on the installed coating model.


ElaProof Indoor must be mixed thoroughly before installation. It is recommended to install ElaProof Indoor first to seal the joints and then to treat the planar surfaces. Careful installation work ensures a functional result.


The sealing principles of the connections are shown in the drawing ElaProof Indoor air sealing details. For joints with possible movements, ElaProof Base Fabric is used. In structures where there is no movement, such as in old structures where drying shrinkages and depressions have already occurred, the installation can be done without a base fabric. However, we still recommend the use of a base fabric.
The seal is overlapped on the surfaces to be sealed

  • on concrete surfaces at least 30 mm
  • on wooden surfaces at least 15 mm

Using a base fabric for sealing

Apply a large amount of ElaProof Indoor sealing compound to the cleaned, flat surface with a spatula or brush so that the compound adheres to the substrate throughout. In structures where movements are possible, the ElaProof Base Fabric is pressed into the wet mass, for example with a spatula, so that no air is left between the base fabric and the base. Apply a 2nd coat of ElaProof Indoor on top of the base fabric so that the base fabric stays in place and is covered throughout. Second coat ElaProof Indoor is easiest to apply after the first coat has dried. The joints of the base fabric are overlapped by at least 30 mm and the base fabric is glued with ElaProof Indoor to the underlying support fabric. Particular attention must be paid to the tightness of corners and bushings.

Sealing without base fabric

In structures where no movement occurs, the sealing is done twice with ElaProof Indoor sealing compound to a minimum thickness of 0.5 mm of the final dry film. Apply a large amount of ElaProof Indoor sealing compound to the cleaned, flat surface with a spatula or brush so that the compound adheres to the substrate throughout. The first layer is allowed to dry before installing the second sealing layer. Particular attention must be paid to the tightness of corners and bushings. The surface is touch dry after 3-4 h and walk-resistant after 15 h after installation (20 °C, RH 45 %, 1 l/m2).

Sealing of planar surfaces

ElaProof Indoor is applied to the flat surfaces with a trowel, roller, brush, or spray. More layers may be required to provide sufficient film thickness on the wall, ceiling, or other floating surfaces. It is recommended to apply the next coat after at least 3 hours. The recommended material consumption is a total of 1.0 – 1.4 l / m2. The surface is touch dry after 3-4 h and walk-resistant after 15 h after installation (20 ° C, RH 45%, 1 l / m2).


Successful airtightness requires a dry film thickness of at least 0.5 mm, which on a flat surface corresponds to a material consumption of 0.8 l / m2. The finished coating must be well adhered to the substrate throughout. The material should be well bonded and there should be no holes in the coating. Verification of success for airtightness usually requires quality assurance, which can be carried out, for example with marker tests in accordance with Finnish RT Card – RT 14-11197.

Cleaning of tools

Clean tools with water.

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