Machine seam roof 5000 m²

This is how the coating of the machine-seamed sheet metal roof was carried out with Finnish isocyanate-free Elaproof-products on Veteraanikuja in Helsinki.

Project information

Client: Helsinki City Housing Company
Project: Apartment building
Address: Veteraanikuja 1 ja 2, Helsinki, Finland
Material: Machine seam roof
Contractor: Suomen Polyureakatot Oy
Supervisor: Heka Oy
Time and city: 06-07 2021, Helsinki


Before spraying, 8000 RMT of seams and joints were sealed with ElaProof H. The site was sprayed with ElaProof S twice according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Year of construction: 1986–1988. Renovation year: 2006 – kitchens and apartments. Number of floors: 1–4. The site has 7 apartment buildings, a club apartment and 2 carports.