Base floor repair of a Single-family house

This is how the microbially damaged base floor was repaired with ElaProof products.

As a waterproofing and sealing product, the ElaProof product has by far the highest water vapor permeability. This enables the product to be used in situations where the structure needs to be dry during use. This enables the long-term operation of the structure and quick repairs.

– Indoor air expert Sauli Paloniitty, Paloniitty Oy

Project information

Client: Private house
Project: Indoor Air Sealing + Radon barrier
Material: Wood + other
Contractor: Paloniitty Oy
Supervisor: Sauli Paloniitty, Paloniitty Oy
Time and city: 07/2020


The base floor of the 1940s house was microbially damaged. The floor was taken down and the subfloor was repaired into a modern heat sink. An 8-16 mm capillary garland was installed against the ground. EPS insulation 200 mm was installed on top of it. The seams of the insulation were sealed with Elaproof. The tightness was confirmed by tightness measurement and thermal imaging. There is mechanical ventilation and room heating under the floor of the house. Insulation and Elaproof also acts as a radon barrier.