Coating of CLT Sauna bench

In the rental property's sauna, there was a desire to prevent the risk of slipping and to make the cleaning of the frequently used sauna easier. The steps of the cross-laminated timber (CLT) bench were treated with a ElaProof+SAND Floor Covering.

As a waterproofing and sealing product, the ElaProof product has by far the highest water vapor permeability. This enables the product to be used in situations where the structure needs to be dry during use. This enables the long-term operation of the structure and quick repairs.

– Indoor air expert Sauli Paloniitty, Paloniitty Oy

Project information

Client: Rental site
Project: Sauna bench (steps)
Material: Cross-laminated timber - CLT
Contractor: Paloniitty Oy
Time and city: 06/2023


The steps of the sauna’s CLT benches were first treated with ElaProof Primer, and then coated with ElaProof+SAND Floor Covering. On top of that, ELACOAT TopCoat was applied, which makes it easier to keep the area clean. Tikkurila’s Supi Sauna Wax was used for treating the seating area.