Indoor air sealing of a townhouse apartment

The indoor air sealing of the site was carried out with isocyanate-free, M1 emission-classified ElaProof Indoor.

Project information

Client: Private house
Project: Indoor Air Sealing
Material: Concrete
Contractor: Paloniitty Oy
Supervisor: Paloniitty Oy, Sauli Paloniitty
Time and city: 08/2020 |


A microbial odor was detected in the indoor air of a townhouse apartment, the cause of which turned out to be a leak coming from the soil at the border between the floor and the plinth. Structure opened and microbial odorous materials removed and air leakage sealed with ElaProof Indoor. The space has been dust cleaned and ozonated. The moisture content of the structure was measured with structural moisture measurements. The renewal of the structure was carried out according to the plans.