ElaProof Indoor Solutions - Professionals choice for renovation and new construction sites

The indoor air quality of homes, workplaces and recreational facilities has a major impact on the comfort and well-being of the people who use the facilities.

For healthy indoor air!

Ensuring clean and healthy indoor air is paramount in new construction and renovation. Physical factors affecting indoor air include e.g., indoor temperature, humidity, air movement and traction, and indoor radon radiation. The temperature and traction of the premises affect the comfort in the indoor environment, but radon radiation, for example, causes harm to health. Sealing joints and air leaks, as well as radon protection and the prevention of VOCs, are often the most critical aspects of building maintenance.

Safe solutions

The ElaProof IAR system (Indoor Airleak and Radon Protection System) is an easy-to-use system for indoor air sealing and radon protection. The ElaProof IEC system (Indoor Encapsulation System) offers options for managing harmful substances and moisture rising from the substrate with M1 indoor air classified products.

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ElaProof IAR – Indoor air sealing and Radon protection

The ElaProof IAR system is suitable for air sealing structures and connections and as a radon barrier in new and renovation construction sites. The core of the easy-to-use system is the M1 emission-classified ElaProof Indoor.
ElaProof IAR is…

ElaProof IEC – contaminant encapsulation and moisture management

The ElaProof IEC system is an excellent choice when you want to prevent the migration of VOC and PAH compounds that cause indoor air problems and health hazards into the indoor air by encapsulation.
ElaProof IEC is…