Instructions for usage of ElaProof S-spraymass

The ElaProof S-Spraymass enables efficient and homogenous application of a breathing, water-resistant and protective coating on large surfaces. The spray mass is sprayed with a high-pressure piston pump and a compressor, and therefore previous experience or training is required when handling the equipment and special instruments.

We recommend spraying with the Jaguar 75-150 – high pressure piston pump, G15 color gun together with Kaeser M26 mobile compressor.

The impurities, loose layers and other loose materials on the surface being coated are cleaned with a high pressure cleaner and water at 200 bar.

The ElaProof S-Spraymass is sprayed onto the cleaned surface with a high pressure of 3 – 400 bar. The sprayed surface may be dry or moist. Uniform and homogeneous coating is achieved by spraying at distances less than 6 meters in all positions. For the filling of the larger concrete slab gaps and joints, we recommend to use ElaProof H- mass: 1) paint the gap edges with ElaProof H- mass, 2) non-woven or reinforcing material is rolled with a paint roller into the fresh mass and 3) paint the entire gap area with ElaProof H- mass.

ElaProof S is a non-toxic, water-soluble coating that can not cause any damage to health.

Wagner high-pressure piston pump for ElaProof application
Wagner Heavy Coat 750E













Sprayable ElaProof


BuildCare Ltd. arranges coating training for the workers of their partners in order to ensure an impeccable, durable and high-quality coating quality.


Jaguar 38-300/75-150 high pressure piston pump

Jaguar 75-150 – high pressure piston pump


G15 airless manual gun
G 15 Manual gun


Kaeser-M26 -compressor
Kaeser-M26 -compressor