ElaProof S – Instructions for use


  • Clean the surface from dust, loose previous paintings or coatings and other particles.
  • High pressure wash is recommended min 200 bar.
  • If there are clearly damaged areas or visible cracks an application of ElaProof H hand coating is recommended before spraying: 1) cleaning of surface, 2) applying ElaProof H, 3) installing Base fabric in the wet surface, 4) applying ElaProof H to finish on top of the Base fabric.
  • Prime with ElaProof Primer if necessary. Priming is recommended for porous materials such as new or old concrete surfaces, mineralite, plastered surfaces and gypsum. The treatment improves the adhesion of ElaProof to the substrate and prevents the formation of air bubbles. Air bubbles rising to the surface are often a sign of too little priming. ElaProof Primer is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Protect area around surface from splatter.
  • Before starting the construction site, it is recommended to check the weather and wind conditions as well as the weather forecast.
  • The finished ElaProof coating must be protected from frost and rain until the film has dried. ElaProof S is touch dry in 3-4 hours after applying (+20°C, RH 45 %, 1,5 l m/m²).


  • Place spraying equipment to a position where it can be easily washed with water after spraying.
  • Install blender to the ElaProof S barrel and start blending.
  • In case product appears to be too stiff a small amount of water (max 1 volume-%) can be added, product needs to be liquid enough to go through the spraying pump.


  • During installation, a site report on the installation must be completed. The manufacturer cannot verify and be responsible for the performance of a substance if its installation conditions and method of installation are not properly documented.


  • Use ElaProof S in temperatures between +10°C and +40°C
  • Pressurise the pump first by using water and then move the hose to ElaProof barrel.
  • Start applying ElaProof to the surface, pump pressure 150-400 bar.
  • In case there are breaks during application it is recommended to drown the pump pistol in a water bucket.


  • After spraying the inlet hose is to be moved to a water barrel and water is to be sprayed until there is no outcoming ElaProof
  • The equipment is to be cleaned by using high pressure hose and washing liquid (e.g. Pineline)


  • Storage ElaProof S in temperatures between +10°C … +40°C and protected from direct sunlight. The product must not freeze before use.
  • A dried ElaProof S coating can be painted with elastic, waterborne, breathable paints. It is advisable to test the compatibility of ElaProof and a specific paint in advance.
  • More technical information is available from info@buildcare.fi.
  • ElaProof S is listed in the Nordic Ecolabelling construction product database and can be used in Swan-labeled buildings.

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