The plinth and floor of the beach sauna | Tuulos

The plinth and floor of the old beach sauna were renovated with ElaProof+SAND products.

As a waterproofing and sealing product, the ElaProof product has by far the highest water vapor permeability. This enables the product to be used in situations where the structure needs to be dry during use. This enables the long-term operation of the structure and quick repairs.

– Indoor air expert Sauli Paloniitty, Paloniitty Oy

Project information

Client: Private house
Project: Beach Sauna
Address: Tuulos, Finland
Material: Concrete plinth + floor
Contractor: Paloniitty Oy
Supervisor: Sauli Paloniitty, Paloniitty Oy
Time and city: 07/2022 | Tuulos


The waterproofing of the plinth of the beach sauna was fixed with ElaProof+SAND Plinth Protection. In the interior renovation of the sauna, the floor got a new surface of ElaProof+SAND Floor Covering, which was finished with ELACOAT TopCoat.